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An LED driver is a self-contained power adapter that has outputs matched to the electrical requirements of your LED system. The electrical characteristics of any LED Lighting setup is critical in selecting a driver circuit... LightRabbit® always has the right driver for any common or uncommon LED lighting configuration that might be needed. Choose or contact the Light Rabbit Team for sales and assistance. (Unsure about what an LED Driver/ Transformer is? Read More....)

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Over the past few decades the LED lighting industry has seen a great dramatic change, and here at LightRabbit®, we take great pride in the part we have played with continuing to supply environmentally friendly products and helping the nation to make an easier and greener switch. As the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of replacement LED bulbs and LED transformers, we like to offer our customers a wide selection of a greener method of lighting.

At LightRabbit® we uphold the greatest confidence in our products so we know that everyone will find something to suit their LED lightning needs, from LED drivers to dimmable LED lightbulbs. Our LED transformers are designed to power low voltage bulbs and strip lighting, as it uses standard mains. They are typically used for indoor use, however if you require a waterproof product ensure to look for LED transformers that are IP65+ rated. At LightRabbit®, we recommend installing LED transformers that have already been tested with LEDs to ensure you get the amazing benefits you deserve, which will not only reduce your households monthly bills, but your carbon footprint as well.

High Quality LED Drivers

At LightRabbit® we are proud knowing that our LED drivers and transformers are not only cost effective but have an eco-friendly design, as well as being of great quality. By making the switch to LED today, you will be able to conserve energy and have bulbs that are guaranteed a long life. The average lifespan of our lightbulbs last for around 25,000 hours. We have everything you need to suit your home from LED drivers to LED transformers suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. There is no need to be worried about making the switch, as our lightbulbs can fit easily into your existing fixtures, making the transition swift, and easier than ever.

Here at LightRabbit®, we take pride in supplying products that are environmentally friendly, and we aim to reduce the nation’s energy consumption at home and at work. As well as doing our bit for the environment, we also like to take care of our customers, which is why we offer the most competitive prices on all lighting.

Our customers are our number one priority, which is why we offer guarantees on all of our products. Our specialist team has been hand-picked to ensure you get the highest level of service, each and every time. If you have trouble choosing the right bulbs, our team is on hand to help should you need it. On top of all that, we also provide a same day dispatch service, when you place your order with us before 3pm.

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